Got trouble with computers and stuff, so I’m posting here to let some folk know what the progress here. No news yet though.

22 May, 2014 –>

OK back up for the moment, by means of salvaging a pc with a suspect cooling fan. It’s actually quite a lot better than the old laptop, reasonably up to date with a dual core, I had been meaning to tinker with it but just hadn’t got round to doing it. I’m keeping an eye on the core temp as I’m typing, hopefully it’ll hold up. Meanwhile, things got turned upside down here, probably a good thing because I had a bit of a clean out and did some stuff I’d let slide, so I’m gonna be catching up some of that stuff for the next few days.

-later that day-

Fan’s still playing up so it’s not really possible to use the  for much other than short hops.

23 May, 2014

Somehow after fiddling with the fan, it ended up in several small pieces, so excursions on to the web from home are curtailed for the moment. There’s a new one order, which shouldn’t take more than a couple of days, the PSU probably needs replacing too but I’ll install the fan first and see where we go from there.

24 May, 2014

The fan arrived promptly this morning, that’s gotta be a first, something of mine arriving by first class in less than a day. Postage is usually subject to a day’s delay inward bound were I live. Installed and working fine, then a problem with the monitor cutting out surfaced, uh yeah, oh well never mind. It’s working ok for the moment and I do have spare one lying around, it’s just that that one’s a bit small. I think the PSU is gonna have to stay for the moment, I do have to get round to swapping out the Linux OS too because like an idiot I installed  32 bit OpenSuse instead of a 64 bit Linux distribution. If I remember it was bugger to get a dual boot with Windows Vista, so I’m not looking forward to tackling that issue again. I’m done with Microsoft myself, I just can’t get my head my head round the pathetic rubbish they keep throwing at users but Linux is somewhat wanting when it comes to interacting with devices like scanners and printers, at least with the ones I have anyway, so I need a duel boot to tackle those things.

So the upshot is I’m back, touchwood, any lengthy silences on my behalf should be due to the usual moodiness and lethargy, I’m afraid I occasionally suffer from.




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