Pause to reflect

•October 8, 2017 • 3 Comments

The tragic events that took place in Las Vegas recently give us all cause to reflect on our assumptions and the value of human life but let us not forget that the fast majority of gun owners are decent human beings who value life and are fine upstanding contributors to society, oh hang on I think that only applies to Muslims.


Fucking useless Google cunts

•September 9, 2017 • 1 Comment

For fuck sake someone tell the fucking cunts at Google that the folk who live in England are located in England and aren’t the least fuck bit interested in fucking hurricane fucking Irma, so when I visit a news website, what I don’t want to fucking see, is fucking pages of fucking shit about a fucking hurricane that means fucking nothing to me.

A point

•July 5, 2017 • Leave a Comment

President John F. Kennedy wasn’t assassinated  by Lee Harvey Oswald, he was in fact murdered by the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, there’s no such word as ‘assassinated’ stop fucking using it knob heads.

Thought for the day

•June 29, 2017 • Leave a Comment

There’s no such thing as sexism, men really are better at everything.

Justice is served

•May 19, 2017 • Leave a Comment

This afternoon I gutted Judge Ian Pringle with a breadknife, in an effort to assuage the anguish of any  relatives that might survive his, lengthy, rather painful and unfortunately noisy demise, I’d like to assure them that I have extraordinary talent.

Log blog

•May 14, 2017 • Leave a Comment

So yesterday I was availing myself of the facilities at a public convenience and, not for the first time at this location, I found myself next to a pair of cottagers utilising an adjacent cubicle. I serenaded their romance with the crepitation of a fruity raspberry that resonated through the acoustic chamber created by the porcelain of the throne I was occupying. The accompany aroma generated by the reappearance of the previous night’s curry, while not the kind of perfume conventionally associated with the boudoir, I’m sure enhanced the atmosphere for them, each to their own I suppose. I couldn’t help but ponder though, that since the public facilities we were occupying were at that time experience quite a heavy demand, that the lovers next door might have to wait rather longer than anticipated before their exit–ah the romance.

The Daily Mail

•May 10, 2017 • Leave a Comment

It would be an exaggeration to say that the staff at the Daily Mail newspaper is completely gay, it’s around 80% by my estimation — or maybe closer to 85 or 90%. Oh hang on though, there’s…  so it’s around 98% or possibly just under 100% but it’s definitely not completely gay — or it might be.

Now you have this insight into the editorial staff, don’t some of  those bizarre headlines start to make sense when you view them in the light of irony? Anyway with this in mind let’s examine the Mail’s response to a controversy concerning the recently departed Australian cartoonist Bill Leak. Australia, that nation which erstwhile was known for plain speaking and the absence of affectation, has suffered more than most under the yoke of Political Kracknest. In fact it’s fair to say that in recent decades, the place has been run by a bunch of bell ends. I’ll tell you what, Bill was far braver than most with his constant pointing out of the state of the emperor’s undress and for his trouble he would get all sorts of shit thrown at him by assorted cunts and nazis. So one day he drew a not particularly good cartoon, drawing a comparison between some of his opponents and the actual historical Nazis, as opposed to the people living today who behave and think like them.

There’s almost nothing interesting about he kind of default response that this drawing elicited from Australia’s beatified, just the usual pointless outrage and shit but have a quick look at Alice Clarke’s tweet about the cartoon, which goes: ‘Remember when Nazis rounded up gays and put them in death camps?…’. This does happen to be interesting because it demonstrates Alice Clarke’s, I’m sure sincere belief, that during the thirties and forties the NSDAP government in Germany systematically persecuted homosexuals and eventually put them to death in extermination camps and that’s interesting because it didn’t happen, in fact nothing like it happened—at all. But But… what about the pink triangle you say, surely that’s the mark used to define homosexuals in the concentration camps? Yeah well the pink triangle was used to identify sexual offenders and yep, homosexuality was a sexual offence, just like it was in the regime the Nazis succeeded, just like it was in the regime that succeeded the Nazis, just like it was in the United Kingdom…

So… did you ever hear of an event called Kristallnach? Yeah well it was a minor bit of bother that kicked off in 1938, orchestrated in response to the death of a high ranking Nazi and one of Adolf’s personal friends, Ernst Vom Rath. His Wikipedia page is hilarious, it could be used to exemplify equivocation, the contrivance with which it skirts Ernst’s sexuality is breath-taking. The notion that the Nazis persecuted homosexuals in the like manner they did Jews is entirely fictional. Yeah people were singled out as homosexuals but the charge was used as means of discrediting opponents as in the Fritsch Affair. Let’s finish by referencing those poor lost souls in the concentration camp with the pink triangle, people like Oskar Dirlewanger imprisoned for sexual offences but given a second chance by a compassionate regime?