Do you remember that car journey you took just around about the time learned to drive, you were on your own, maybe travelling to see some friends and you had the route all planned out so well didn’t you? So it came as something of shock when you found yourself in some god forsaken backwater with no street lighting, no road signs, at the dead of the night, with just the cats eyes peering through the dark for company. Maybe you noticed that incongruous looking establishment, so out of place with its lights still on and the open for business sign displayed. Just what kind of business was it again, pawn broker, second hand book shop or maybe it was just a grocer touting for midnight trade? Admit it, you were tempted to go in and ask for directions weren’t you,? but something about that place made you think twice. So perhaps you spent a few minutes peering at a map or more likely you put your foot down and resolved to get as away as quickly as possible, either way it took way too long to get outa there but you did it and you never gave that incident much thought ever again. What would’ve happened if you had entered that shop, as your initial impulse was to do before that strange foreboding overcame you — let’s find out shall we?



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