So — if you’ve anything like a mind, you’ll understand that Banksy is an exercise in hype, i.e. something contrived through media manipulation, in much the same way that boy bands are, or were promoted in the music business. But hype alone is no reason to dismiss a creative entity because in some form or another it’s necessary, an artist, or performer working in any field must have some media presence to get noticed. It’s not the hype alone that makes Banksy shit, it’s the being shit that makes him shit. And Being shit while riding the crest of hyped publicity is really unforgivable.

So why do I say he’s shit? Well let me see, he’s supposed to be an edgy street artist, one of those working on the boundary, probing social norms, violating taboos, expanding our horizons and what do we get? Well that Pulp Fiction piece sums it up for me, a commentary about the portrayal of violence in entertainment. Er — excuse me, since when did emulating Mary Whitehouse become the definition of “edgy”? That’s not fucking edgy, that’s censorious, the fucking opposite of edgy, no wonder the fucking colour supplements love him. What I wanna know is, when are they gonna put him on the tops of chocolate boxes, like those, Love Is cartoons in the 70’s.

~ by deadspidereye on November 26, 2017.

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