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So yesterday I was availing myself of the facilities at a public convenience and, not for the first time at this location, I found myself next to a pair of cottagers utilising an adjacent cubicle. I serenaded their romance with the crepitation of a fruity raspberry that resonated through the acoustic chamber created by the porcelain of the throne I was occupying. The accompany aroma generated by the reappearance of the previous night’s curry, while not the kind of perfume conventionally associated with the boudoir, I’m sure enhanced the atmosphere for them, each to their own I suppose. I couldn’t help but ponder though, that since the public facilities we were occupying were at that time experience quite a heavy demand, that the lovers next door might have to wait rather longer than anticipated before their exit–ah the romance.


~ by deadspidereye on May 14, 2017.

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