Something wrong here.

So I popped into the library to borrow this book by the northern Irish author Colin Batman—sorry Bateman. I wanted to purchase the first in this series Ice Quake but my local Watestones is run by two gays, so the only teen fiction they buy in, is stuff that has a frock on the cover. Talking of covers, I’d like to point out just how pathetic this particular example is. Unfortunately it seems they made the mistake of getting a graphic designer to do it, so it’s typographically based cover, though this one does have a rather prominent but incredibly dull  illustration.

Can you believe it, this is supposed to be aimed at the teen male action/adventure market, I mean, what a bloody yawn. The concept’s okay, two figures caught in the glare of search lights but the execution is just abysmal. I don’t blame the illustrator though because I suspect this is a case of an unsuitable brief, I’m guessing that they told him/her to include the helicopter.


~ by deadspidereye on May 9, 2017.

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