Guy stuff

Feminisation is what they call it, which isn’t quite true but it’s close enough a term to be useful. It’s been going on for a few decades now, since the mid 90’s really and it’s what’s turned most of our fictional literature and drama really really boring. You know, you pick up a book, one that’s got a reasonably enticing cover, only to find its all about fucking relationships. Holy turd fucking shit, where is the fucking action man? We call it feminisation because of the concomitant associations, for instance when feminists took over my local library, they burned all the H Rider Haggard and Mickey Spillane and replaced ’em with that fucking Jane Austin gobshite; fucking bitches, I look forward to the day they’re all ravished by fucking monkeys!

As I mentioned it’s been going on for a while now, during which time it’s progressed in scope and it’s got to the point where now, literature and drama are now almost totally femcentric. This circumstance has given rise to the term, guy stuff, because, guy stuff that is stuff that appeals to guys, is now a beleaguered and dwindling oddity amid an ocean of touchy feely, puke inducing ponce fodder. But what is guy stuff, that’s a question that needs addressing because I’ve seen Starsky and Hutch put forward as an example, er excuse me, gay stuff maybe but guy stuff? No fucking way man, guy stuff is about chicks and cars, booze and reckless behaviour; there’s no room for cuddly sweaters and mutual respect. Cosy up to your workmates like either Starsky or Hutch and if won’t be long before you hear, ‘backs to the wall lads’ and find the lavs at work conveniently vacated whenever you need a pee. Guys don’t slap their mates on the back and tell each other how great they are, they only  speak to each other at all, to take the piss, pitch insults and cast aspersions on each other’s sexuality.

~ by deadspidereye on April 27, 2017.

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  1. You’re right – ya poof!

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