General Election

Relax—I’m not about to embark on a polemic detailing which is the only candidate you should consider voting for. No I gave up telling people how to vote after 1997, you see you can divide the world into two kinds of people, those who voted for Tony Blair in 1997 and those who didn’t. Of course the later category constitutes the larger portion of this particular dichotomy, so those of us who did vote this way (‘those of us’ see that includes me, in case you didn’t guess) can count ourselves as a minority. Just as well really because although the alternative presented in 1997 was a crass idiot i.e. John Major, the guy who won turned out to be… well let’s just say Tony Blair here, because words like psychopath and murderer placed in a thoughtless context could be the cause of trouble here. So you see, the legacy of that decision weighs quite heavily on the fragile consciences of us Blair voters, and you might notice that we of a certain age, who share that burden, display a certain degree of circumspection when it comes to offering our political views.

So no I don’t have the answer here, vote the way you see fit is my advice and if anybody gives you a hard time over it, tell ’em to fuck off.

~ by deadspidereye on April 22, 2017.

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