Bad people doing bad things

Did you ever pause to think why so much of the information we rely on for our view of what’s happening to the world is tainted by deceit? I’m talking about the press and the media, those purveyors of, scandal and intrigue, of calamity and woe, the tellers of tales taller than the tallest story ever trip over your uncle Barry’s lying tongue. I find it puzzling for two reasons:

  1. We’re supposed to venerate the truth and despise deceit
  2. Everybody knows the media is lying, yet we do nothing to reform or chastise the institutions that comprise it and worse we actually choose to believe them when it suits us.

I mean the problem it’s so fucking obvious, the solution, that is a truthful media, if it were realised would transform our world. Just think about that for a second, the wars and the strife, the incompetence and malfeasance that could be averted. All it would take create a better world is the truth, just think about that next time you’re tempted to tell a lie.

~ by deadspidereye on April 18, 2017.

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