Gaze (a definition)

Somewhere recently I encountered the notion that the word gaze means to stare at something intently. If this is your definition of the word please take this advice, take the saddle off your bicycle, place something sharp and rusty in its place and enter the Tour de France at the first opportunity. Listen up fuckers gaze means exactly this: to cast one’s eyes on a subject while in a state of diminished cognition or reverie eg:-

He gazed idly through the window as the train sped through the countryside

That kind of shit, somehow though I’ve discovered that this bizarre, staring intently, definition has become prevalent for reasons it seems, of ideological convenience. It’s those pantsy feminist again, while they’re not entering enough cycle races on unsuitable bicycles, they like to spend their time with their heads up their arses. One of the product of this activity, is the term, male gaze, which it seems arises out of the habit of romantic novelists using the word gaze, applied to the adoring behaviour of their heroines. See, it’s supposed to be ironic, instead of some hopeless bint ‘gazing’ at the bemuscled font of her bucolic rape fantasies, it’s a guy gazing at women. Since it’s a feminist inspired concept, gaze needs to become the act of staring intently because that’s creepy and threatening while just actual gazing is, you know—just the normal mode of behaviour you can’t avoid.

Of course guys don’t actually stare at women, not even the creepy and threatening ones, 12-13 year old juveniles yeah they might but by the time your older its more about sticking your dick in them than winsomely indulging your fantasies upon some idealised, unattainable beauty.

~ by deadspidereye on March 31, 2017.

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