Remember Russell Brand?

What’s a shilling worth?

A poem by DeadSpiderEye

Who here remembers the man Russell Brand,
whose bung stopped many a wet dripping hole?
No not a plumber with grips made by mole,
more akin to something from the Glitter Band.
Although not seen in suits sewn by hand,
it’s hard to not think of Savile’s role,
when such talent sublimes the greasy pole.
In a way, not unlike a Miliband.

Then he wrote that book, or was it Owen,
don’t vote was the wisdom he were knowin’.
Then to the ring, his hat he did throw in,
It’s labour that you want to go win.
It all made his little head start throbbin’,
so it’s said that he went back to knobbin’.

~ by deadspidereye on March 19, 2017.

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