Reality? Check!

I have a theory, well theory’s a bit presumptuous, it’s just an idea really because I don’t have any formulas with which you can extrapolate reality that I can share with you. I like to call it a theory though because that makes it sound respectable, rather than just another half baked crack pot notion, thought up by some nutter desperate for attention. This theory states that you can’t successfully impose a concept onto a broader conscious unless, that concept has practical validity. I’m reasonably confident of the truth behind this theory but I note this fact doesn’t stop people trying to impose their invalid or specious concepts onto others.  In fact the relationship between validity and effort seems to be like the inverse square law, in that the lower the level of validity the greater the effort expended in promoting the concept will be. The levels of this effort can approach herculean proportions and include truly impressive feats of self deception, so impressive that it’s sometimes easy to be fooled into thinking that the endeavour has been successful. Thing is though, despite all the threats, the coercion, it never is really successful, the collective conscious always rebels in the face of deception and conceit, even under the threat of extreme penalty.

Now you know this, do you think it’s possible that you can leave all your delusions and deception behind you and that finally, we can actually get round to making the world a better place, instead of feigning virtue for the sake of self interest?

~ by deadspidereye on March 3, 2017.

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