Marching in the rain?

Caught the news today that Donald Trump has put back his state visit to Britain until October. The reason behind this decision is that it’s seen as likely that protests will mar the occasion if he arrives here in the summer. If you’re not British this may just seem a little odd, how does that work, you might think, do they not show up on the streets to protest if there’s a chance of rain? And indeed this is in fact the case, protest and sedition are seasonal disruptions here, it’s true that protests are more common throughout the summer months across a large portion of the world but it’s a particular tradition here. So much of a tradition in fact that if there’s nothing to protest about, people will make something up, I’m not kidding it’s true.

So with Trump’s absence, what I wonder will cause the pulsating throng of protest to raise its voice in unison this summer? I’m thinking it’s likely to still be Trump, you know because that’s what’s really important to protest about here isn’t it, not the four week delay for GP appointments or the profiteering that’s underway turning the landscape into a building site so the banks can pick up a bonus from those mortgage payments.

~ by deadspidereye on March 1, 2017.

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