Blood test today, the nurse asked, ‘You haven’t eaten or drank anything for twelve hours?’.

I correct her, ‘I drank some water—you’re allowed water’ maybe she’ll use more precise language next time. She had that needle in my arm faster than I cold blink, and those three little phials full of the red stuff, just as quickly. I made an effort at passing the time, ‘Comes out quick, don’t it?’ I think she was either too busy or more likely was smarting from my earlier remark though.

It was cold when I got out of the surgery, gulping on my Mars bar I make my way across the tiresome early morning traffic, then realise I’d forgotten to get an appointment from the receptionist, bugger. Back in the surgery, another wait at another queue, I have to correct the receptionist too before I get my appointment date, 27th March, oh great, another month to wait.

~ by deadspidereye on February 28, 2017.

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