If you live in the UK you’ll be familiar with the light switch in the bathroom, the one with the cord. They don’t have ’em in places like France and the US, they have different regulations for bathroom electrical fittings. We had such a switch in the bathroom of a house we occupied while I was a bit of a kid and one night when I was desperate for a pee, this light switch broke, it wouldn’t turn on. I faffed with cord for a while, trying to cajole the switch into life and as I did so I noticed that if I held the cord as close to the switch as possible and twisted the cord, a thread would engage in the switch and I could get the thing work. Fantastic, problem solved and I retire to bed with a bladder relived without having to aim at the porcelain in the dark.

About a week later it happened again, undaunted I performed the same trick and then set about my business. The thing is though this fault with the light switch just kept on occurring, until it became a regular thing and about once a week I’d have to go though this twisting the light cord rigmarole before I’d get to pee. I’m not sure why I didn’t notice a the time but as I regard this recurring fault with the switch from a historical perspective, there’s something rather obviously odd about it, I was the only person it happened to. No one else living in the house, ever had to deal with a faulty light switch and I never found my self  fixing the switch unless the fault occurred while I was using the switch. No one except that is, on a night several years after this fault had first occurred and what a fuss kicked off on that occasion, ‘The light in the bathroom is broken, oh calamity what are we going to do!’. To which I respond with a sanguine reassurance and demonstrate the trick with the twisting cable. Honestly the rest of the household looked at me as if I where a witch, none of ’em had any idea that the light switch had been playing up in this manner.

What I want to know is, how is it possible to account for these events rationally, as far I understand there’s only a single rational explanation, my account is materially false, ie. I’m lying or deluded. This presents an interesting circumstance because I know, I’m telling the truth, so for me the explanation is simply a question of luck, bad or otherwise, but for you it presents and entirely different truth because you can never be sure of the veracity of my account, unless that is, this kind of thing has happened to you.


~ by deadspidereye on February 25, 2017.

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