The Trump Thing

I can define political naivety with a hypothetical example, you lend a friend a DVD of  the 1941 German film Heimkehr, one that doesn’t have subtitles. After they’ve seen it, you ask your friend for their thoughts on the film, if they say that they where impressed by the plight of the oppressed minority in the film and moved to tears by the, eloquence of Paula Wessely’s emotive soliloquy, then your friend epitomizes the spirit of political naivety. Outside of the hypothetical domain though, Identifying who is naïve is not so straight forward, the question is subject to uncertainty because of the nature of naivety.

So this Trump thing, the one that’s attracting all this attention from the great and the good, the media and  such like, when I witness this kind of thing, in a blog or twitter. I know that one of us is being naïve. I think it’s them, the author of the latest snippet on Trump, I mean where  have they been for the last eight years? Did minor events like Libya, Syria and the Ukraine, just flitter past them without making any impact, you the know the death toll, the destruction? Why has it suddenly become so important to kick up a fuss in the face of, what I admit is crass stupidity, has it only just recently become unfashionable?

But maybe it’s me, I could be the one who’s subject to political naivety, like I mentioned, that’s the nature of naivety, only time will tell.

~ by deadspidereye on January 31, 2017.

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