Went the day well?

Friday was a beautiful day and it wasn’t just because of the sun making its appearance after weeks of cloud and rain. It was a day that dawned with a profound air of contentment, bliss even and it for this reason I avoided the news. I didn’t want to spoil the only day of summer so far, with the default I was expecting. I was almost among the defaulters, my assurance in my conviction was at a low ebb before the campaigning ever began. The choice between conviction in principle and what seems pragmatic, is not always easy and we’ve already lost so much, making an impotent choice seemed as pointless as a spit in the wind.

The campaigning did stir a semblance of resolve but it wasn’t enough to make sure I had my vote registered. It was the killing of Jo Cox, or the reaction to it that rocked my complacency. I thought, If this is what they’re saying, lying with such callous impunity about ordinary people, portraying them as vicious monsters, this is where I have to say no.

If you vilify people merely for staking a claim for the simple aspirations of liberty, democracy, self determination and accountability among their leaders, place them beyond the pale; then those aspirations are exiled to dwell amongst the unconscionable. That’s not a place I want to go, so I sifted through a pile of discarded post in the hope of finding a polling card. As luck would have it, I was on the register and I cast my vote a few hours later. Can you believe it, the guy tending the votes, actually thanked me, it was if he knew the tenuous circumstances behind my vote.

So I found myself on the winning side, or so it seems, because that vote on Thursday was just the voice, the one we’ve been denied for so long. The real battle is ahead.

~ by deadspidereye on June 26, 2016.

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