Revelation follows…

There’s a woman, I’ve never met her, spoken to her or even clapped eyes on her. Her role in my life is so minor, I should by rights, spend not a single moment thinking of her but The clues she drops as she goes her about her occupation, are just so conspicuous. They’re like the careless flotsam, littered by a recalcitrant skipper, from some fat bottomed barge, bobbing incessantly in the wake and attracting the gulls, too irritating to ignore. Sifting through this detritus, I’ve deduced enough to create a picture of her. Firstly, she’s an incorrigible narcissist, which should be obvious, why else would she be telling me about herself? But this neurosis, dominates her personality, she’s in possession of the absolute assurance that any issue can be resolved through her moral conviction. A conviction which, through some marvellous coincidence, always endorses her side of any division, wow! Not necessarily over privileged, probably not actually, she has none the less, advanced beyond the scope of her ability. She’s fat or she thinks she is, she’s lonely and both bitter and desperate for approval at the same time. She’d stab me in a heartbeat, which could be a usefully cathartic experience for her, except for the fact she’d need to portray herself as a victim in some way: ‘I had to stab him, he was abusing me by being alive’. The saddest thing about her, is the irony she encompasses, she thinks she’s new, she thinks she’s Joan of Arc. She’s not, she’s D’Oyly Snow, she’s old as footprints winding through the mud in no man’s land.

~ by deadspidereye on March 24, 2016.

4 Responses to “Revelation follows…”

  1. A little touchy today? lol ; )

  2. Well written. Are you sure her role in your life is “minor?” 😉

    • Thanks Sheryl, it’s not really my life she has a role in, since I took a bit of licence with the actualité and described this as fiction but there is a certain, autobiographical aspect, so you might have a point.

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