Forgive me but if I can be presumptuous for a second and assume a degree of common awareness, I’ll utilise some collective pronouns in this context. What is the one thing certain fact that we’ve learned about hatred? That would be, that we become the manifest instance of that which our hatred is directed upon. Now before you think I’m gonna become all Jesusy and tell you all about how negative hatred is, let me just explain something; hate is useful, why? Well that would be because it’s an emotive response and emotions are useful for our survival, we can utilise them far more rapidly with greater practical effectiveness than our powers of reasoning. Yet there is something about hatred, we seem to have an innate understanding of its toxicity.

‘Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate…’ said Yoda, which is essentially correct, you see a snake, you become fearful, you kill the snake, the anger is the consequence of your fear, it motivated you to slay the snake but; something abides. That would be your loathing of snakes, sure that abiding hatred could well lead to suffering on the part of the snakes you encounter but Yoda, bless his little latex toes, is incorrect, when he states ‘…hate leads to suffering’ as least as far as he expresses that conclusion as a certainty.

We live in strange times, hatred is a crime supposedly, imagine that, making the expression of emotion a criminal act. Well that’s not quite the case is it, it’s the incitement to hatred that’s illegal, or is it? Now I’m gonna ask for some honesty here and ask you to contemplate the most recent instance, when something stirred hatred within you. I bet it wasn’t that long ago, if you keep up with current events, I would say that it was less than a day in the past. I’m not referencing any particular topic when I mention, current events, no my intended focus is on the medium. You read something, in a newspaper, on the internet from a news source, or you watched a news bulletin. Now that’s as far as about 70% you will read this I reckon, because we’re in for a lot of mincing of words and self justification from here on. You’re gonna claim it wasn’t hatred, it was righteous indignation or that you took affront at some event or person. Yeah, like I mentioned, mincing, what do those things feel like, your indignation is really just hatred, that you harbour no shame for. Maybe not though, maybe I’m confusing anger with hatred, hatred is that which abides after all, wrath is of the moment, both the progenitor of hate and its consequence but confined to a temporal domain. So anger and hatred, they’re linked in a kind of cycle, a continuum of sorts, with no discrete boundary. As a consequence some confusion is inevitable, maybe even desirable if there’s an agenda at work, ah, an agenda…

Indeed an agenda, anger isn’t the only consequence of hatred, neither is it its sole progenitor. Hatred gives rise to more than the transient expression of rage or aggression, it motivates methodical thought and deed, instils abiding conviction—and those my friend are useful. The question begging, is where does that utility lie, who benefits? For that answer to that question, look to who is providing the grist for you mill of indignation, I suggest I’ve already provided the answer when I stated that my focus is on the medium. So examine the medium, what is your assessment of the standards of probity, diligence and commitment to impartiality and truth? If it’s as low as mine, then why are you still motivated to anger and indignation by fiction?

Can hate really be a crime, if it’s exploited with such ease and impunity or it just a crime when it’s convenient. Why should the purveyors and ignorance and deception be excluded from the march of legal process? What—you think they don’t know or understand the consequence of distorting reality to elicit outrage, it’s all just an unfortunate side effect and that somehow, fiction can serve justice and the public good better than reality? The truth is that the utility of hatred provides its own imperative, which is why you become that which you most loath and despise, you are ignorance personified, the manifest bigot blinded to reality by hatred and you became that way through choice. Of course that’s all a bit presumptuous again, but now I’ve chosen to express those assumptions in the second person, so forgive me if doesn’t apply to you and please tell me how you keep that halo of yours so spotless.

~ by deadspidereye on February 6, 2016.

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