Chasing Tigers

You have been wronged, we’ve been cheated and abused and now it’s time to get justice. The other one goes like this: your just reward has been denied and now it’s time for payback. Justice and payback, and it’s always at someone else’s expense, funny that. What’s not quite so funny is the regularity with which we consume those narratives without question. I dunno, maybe you have been wronged, come to think of it, I’d state it’s a practical certainty and maybe we’re all special too, oh hang on, everyone is special? No that can’t be right, perhaps the truth is, no one is special and if you’re not special, then maybe your grievance isn’t special either.

~ by deadspidereye on January 15, 2016.

2 Responses to “Chasing Tigers”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to “like” my postulation on how the world perceives time and events. I had a few minutes between rising and saving the world as I know it from a bit of recent flooding in our area, so I took a short cruise through your home territory and found your perceptions[and especially the way you word them] to be quite interesting. When my world is temporarily saved from elemental disaster, I think I will come back for a more lengthy stay. for “oikly’ yours, wlo ; )

  2. Hi williamleeone, welcome to the rather exclusive environs represented by DeadSpiderEye’s lair, it’s usually just me throwing ink at the wall and I’m not very conscientious about how regularly I do that. Yeah, I liked that poem, it was direct, effective and had a subject. I’m not particularly fond of the, -I’m so lonely- or -I’m in love… again- brand of poems, I like statements but statements founded in observation. Not that reflection and romance aren’t good subjects, it’s just that, everyone does them and genuine appreciation is reliant on a good deal of shared perception.

    I hope the flood recovery is going well, what part of the world was that in?

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