A girl like you

About this: this is my entry into 100 word fiction contest, I like succinct but 100 words is a novel form for me, so if you happen upon this entry please feel free to offer tips and generally crit my effort. I cant incorporate any edits into this entry, that would be unethical in this context without attributing joint authorship. I’ve added a title here but its untitled in the contest because a title included in the word count. Anyway, if you feel like having a go, check out the contest here.

A girl like you

Julian is about to open the first of his packed lunches while Café Rouge is refurbished. ‘What has my angel dished up?’ His manicured, hand negotiates the chased silver clasp on a lacquered bento box. ‘Ah a chapatty from last night’s Indian and what looks like a mould encrusted woolly mitten, oh it’s a bhaji, or possibly a septic ganglion from a rabid monkey. My sweet, are you trying to tell me something? Have I neglected those feminine impulses that drive you uphill on occasion? My mind’s made up, I am going to treat you to that new sleeve board’.

~ by deadspidereye on June 20, 2015.

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