The death of Juno (new draft)

Revisited this just now, tidied up the metre a bit, where it was flagging. Also added a illustration, a bit rubbish but I might put new one in later.


The death of Juno

Do you believe in the supernatural,
Daemons, harm conveyed through wax effigy,
Magic spoken in chant and liturgy,
Potency borne through the unnatural
will that dwells beyond law or principle?
Can you fathom, what mental lethargy
Spawned desire for such arcane energy?
What will would free the diabolical
Hand which could forge the blade that knifed her heart
But those of minds curdled with spite and bile?
Harvesters of berries of flesh to feast
The bitches that rendered her breast apart.
Can you bare witness to their supine, vile
Supplication to this ravenous beast?

~ by deadspidereye on June 18, 2015.

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