I don’t really endorse the prevalent collective understanding of love but I still find it a useful concept to communicate aspects of emotional interaction. If only it were possible to switch it off, that knife twisting in your side would fall to the floor with no trace of a wound, would you do it though? It’s a question I can’t answer, despite the insight afforded me by that darkest hour. Such boundless cruelty, exercised with alacrity and without any regard to consequence, left me speechless. It reminded me of boys tormenting kittens, except that there’s no reason to infer an emotional bond in that case. I still can’t reconcile it, even though I knew her mind was being eaten alive, just how could she be such a competent tormentor? There was some recognition of the predicament, from an unexpected quarter, ‘It’s just that she…’ I said, and that was all I spoke.

‘I know,’ he replied and with those two words, passed the most profound communication I’ve ever experienced, I almost wept — almost.

~ by deadspidereye on June 12, 2015.

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