Politics, it used to be so easy, granddad would say, ‘Remember Tonypandy’ and the authority evoked by that legacy would quell any dissent that had arisen in the household, in a single instant. Mother, who was a bit of a Tory, would sheepishly fall silent, as the oft retold accounts of those events and the lies perpetrated by the, ‘Blessed, newspapers’ were once again reiterated. Second hand memories of running battles with police then troops, of defenestration and bodies broken by state sponsored thugs, let loose through the Riot Act, they were the tokens that marked my proper allegiance and I never questioned them. Along with the post war privations of the 20’s and 30’s, the profiteering of the pit owners, the malnutrition and disease, it was the death of my auntie Nora that cut deepest with grandfather, a man slaked with a lifetime of shovelling lime, could still not quite stem his tears when he mentioned her name.

Today I find myself nostalgic for such clarity, I see only liars, graspers and thieves. I wonder, was it always the case, was I just too blinded by naivety to see through the veil of deceit? I see so much of that naivety in others, they seem so eager to endorse trivial divisions or swayed by no higher price than the promise of a bigger piece of pie. Honour is dead, respect has been twisted into an intolerant form of etiquette, social graces that even the powerful must observe but then it is so much easier to watch your mouth than to stop murdering and stealing.

I voted for the Kippers, that would make me a pariah in certain circles, I don’t care, I’m not even sure they wouldn’t be right. I’d just as soon vote for George Galloway, the man whose tribulations, inflicted by the thieves and liars are so conveniently overlooked by the press and media here. I wonder what would happen if the kind of attention lavished upon FIFA were directed at the agencies and individuals that conspired against him.

~ by deadspidereye on June 6, 2015.

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