Freshly Pressed, again

A particularly word I find interesting is, oik, if it were specific to a particular demographic, say like the phrase, bog trotter or the word, pikey, it would be one of those words wouldn’t be allowed to use and still hang on to our job. As it is, it’s excluded from that growing lexicon, for the moment anyway, by virtue of it being non-specifically applicable. It may be non-specific but it’s not universally applicable, you couldn’t call David Cameron an oik, well you could but you’d seem like an idiot. Which is relevant because the use of the word oik, says as much about the person using it, as the context they apply it to. Google’s on line definition is: an uncouth or obnoxious person, which is not quite true. What oik, in fact is, is an exclamation of superiority through the denigration of another individual or group, it is the equivalent of stating, ‘you are an uncouth or obnoxious person’ but such assertions cannot be used to define the word, because statements are not equivalent to truth.

The thing about words, is that they come to mind even when they’re not being used because we associate certain words with attitudes. And when I look at WordPress’s Freshly Pressed, the association that springs to my mind is that attitude of someone who might be given to using the word, oik. Let’s examine the topics seen recently in Freshly Pressed:-

Memoir (Eat Memory: Tiffin, by Rukmini Srinivas)
Transgender (My Daughter, Caitlyn Jenner, and Laverne Cox)
Writers To Read (Taking My Time: On The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits)

Yeah, they go on in that vein for a while, then we reach:

FIFA (Is There Still Life in Sepp Blatter?)

So who should be the author of this post related to football, some individual fan or group of enthusiasts? No, it comes to us from, CitiBlog, nothing particularly wrong with CitiBlog, if you’re interested in Milton Keynes and I certainly wouldn’t attribute a contemptuous attitude, to the good people there but…

Is it really a coincidence that they should sit so serenely amongst the other contributors in the Freshly Pressed list, when surely there must be a plethora of more earthy views on the topic? The problems is, those people are likely to be, you know, football fans, and football fans, they’re just oiks, aren’t they?

~ by deadspidereye on June 3, 2015.

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