Hawking park life

As mentioned previously I have a short story that I’ve focused some effort on getting circulated. That effort may not have been as extensive as the impression I may have given though, since it’s only been declined by two prospects. That latest rejection notice arrived yesterday, which had a kind of mixed emotional impact. There’s the generic wording of the notice itself, with the implicit listlessness which just screams failure louder than any supercilious retort could. There’s a certain relief too, relief that that an imperfect expression hasn’t been accepted and misinterpreted to circumvent its purpose.Then there’s the doubt and the deprecation of hope, finally there’s the realisation (or do I mean expectation) of an opportunity to do it right next time. And that’s what I did last night, rewrote the story to an extent beyond the usual post rejection editing. It’s still not quite finished, I have to re-read it, when I can face it again properly and strengthen some of the things I wanted to express in it. I don’t usually rewrite stories like that, but this one is different, don’t ask me why.


~ by deadspidereye on May 5, 2015.

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