Life imitating art

There’s this short story I’m hawking around at the moment, one I’m quite serious about getting promulgated. Unfortunately that intention is not enough, you have to get someone else serious about it too, a task that has proven beyond my capability so far. Anyway, this circumstance was playing on my mind a bit yesterday and my mood wasn’t at all buoyed by the trivial frustrations that accumulated through out the day.  So I found myself during one of those bouts, where the sensation of utter impotence was a burden almost too much to conceal from the world. Which, as it happens, is a theme central to this story, maybe that’s why I sat to rest on the bench for a while, in a location similar to that featured the story. And what should happen while I was sitting on this bench? Only the antagonist of the story making an appearance to sit down next to me. I’m not sure who he was, if I were to offer a prosaic interpretation for his presence, I’d say he was suffering some psychological disorder but he complained vociferously of swallowing a fly, the antagonist of the story would be the devil manifest as… well I dunno, that’s up to the reader, and what is the devil’s synonym? Beelzebub, that is, Lord of Flies!

I don’t think I really made the association at the time, even though he was the very picture of the diabolical; his flaming hair counterpointing icy blue peepers, that had more than the usual complement of white around them. I think his hair might’ve been augmented with something out of a bottle, that’s the impression that’s developed anyway, although I suppose memory might be exaggerating the hue. It was a weird experience, one that I’m glad is behind me, if that’s what the devil looks like, then take it from me, he’s got a very good image consultant.


~ by deadspidereye on May 3, 2015.

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