Between two waters

Entre dos aguas, between two waters, even I know that one, anyway watch it, it’s brilliant. Alas I can’t play, I never got much beyond Spanish Romance. As a kid, up till about 19, reaping success through musical endeavour did have a certain appeal, only because of the chicks though. Musically, I was a bit stunted, pretty much like all of us were, there wasn’t much permeating the collective concious that was any good. Yeah, there was the odd poet, stringing together a living with his ditties, ‘Maybe we’ll tarry — for a while’ but generally it was rubbish. Music isn’t art by the way neither is writing, poetry or philosophy, they’re liberal disciplines. We just call them art because we’re lazy or maybe it’s because we want to ennoble them, born from the same motive that prompts some to label games, sport.

Music was the first art to bring the rationalisation of the means of dissemination to its highest level of completion. No one, or almost no one, gets any where in the music world through their ability alone. You have to compete in the arena of graft, oil the wheels of; commerce with favour or friends. Okay, that’s slightly overstated, Yvonne Elliman was discovered singing in a bar but even in her case, her talents were exploited more than they were given expression. Sorry, I just lapsed into revery there, something to do with Elliman’s brown as berry eyes. Which leads us incidentally to Chaucer, ever wonder why brown objects should acquire their superlative through association with berries? No one really knows, but I recall Chaucer using that simile, the interesting thing about Chaucer of course, is that his work was the first to be distributed through print in the English language. Says something about the English collective identity I think, in comparison to those that settled for the default option, the bible. Indeed, my next point pertains mostly to English speaking culture, there may be some relevance outside that context but ignorance precludes any commentary from me on it.

The thing about literature is, is that it took the opposing path to music, instead of rationalising, it diversified. Printing presses were expensive and bulky, to make them pay you had to keep them working. Economics demands that what you print, you have to sell, so diverse forms of literature arose to fulfil public demand. Pulp paperbacks, true crime and romance journals, comics all borne from the necessity of commerce. It’s a different world today though, printing is widespread, it’s the paper and distribution that are expensive now. So expensive, a lot of people have given up and look to electronic media as the future. Notice how that now, the circumstance with literature reflects that of the one in music, a few discreet avenues for distribution? So the last time you went to a train station or airport, you didn’t see any trashy novels on spinner racks did you, you might have seen something about 700 pages long from a best seller list. Magazines, periodicals they’re called in the trade, are still around but tell me what are they full of? oh yeah advertising.


~ by deadspidereye on April 11, 2015.

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