Seems like spring

It must be spring because the hen’s started laying and it seems she’s not inclined to stop at the moment. Hens are a great asset for a garden, as long you’re not cultivating a lawn that it. She gets a bit lonely, now it’s just her, so she’s always pestering me to go and play with her, playtime for hens involves: have you got anything I can peck? I gave her some of my dinner, because the fridge is on the blink and I haven’t got round to fixing it. It seems she likes raw liver a lot, even sharing it out, it was still too much once cooked so she had some of that too, the onions, pepper and couscous didn’t  deter her from scoffing it down.

I was lucky with the liver today, it was pretty decent, lamb’s liver is fantastic when it’s prepared by a fit cook and selected for freshness. Alas I’m not in a position to accomplish either of those tasks, one through deficit of skill the other by circumstance, one time frozen liver from New Zealand is I can get I’m afraid. Still, I should count that a blessing, apparently there have been no TV cooks extolling at length at the sublime delicacy of offal, so it’s still available at a reasonable price. Thank you god, can we please not disturb that status quo any time soon?

Meanwhile, I’ve gone and submitted again, nothing too vigorous, I’m not organised over such endeavours, so I just shoved something off to a journal after about fifteen minutes after I finished it, why do I do that? I dunno. I was super pleased with it at the time, so it seemed like a good candidate but after some thought I had some misgivings about its ambiguity. I like a bit of ambiguous, weaponised ambiguity is a term, I mutter to myself on those occasions when I’m enamoured of its virtue. I wouldn’t be in any kind of minority with that conception either, it’s something that advertisers are very familiar with but in this instance I couldn’t help fostering a feeling that a first reader would need a ball kicked in the right direction to start the game off. So I gave the issue some though and came up with an epigraph, a quote I recalled from G. K. Chesterton, who fortuitously is out of copyright:-

‘How do you know all this?’ he cried. ‘Are you a devil?’

‘I am a man,’ answered Father Brown gravely; ‘and therefore have all devils in my heart.

I couldn’t quite recall the quote verbatim, so I looked it up as I was doing so I naturally re-familiarised myself with the context, one of the Father Brown stories.  It occurred to me that FB and his creator have been a little maligned by efforts to exploit that particular cannon in film and TV drama, where the temptation to portray the character as a wily old dodder is just too much for most dramatists it seems. There shouldn’t be too much reproach though, because the material throws up some problems for dramatisation. FB doesn’t conform easily to the genteel detective stereotype, he’s not really a detective at, he just a guy who has a stab solving some crimes through insight rather attention to the minutia of the plot. Along the way he makes some nicely crafted observations. This means a dramatist who doesn’t empathise with Chesterton’s vision, is going to be doing him a disservice.

As a consequence of these musing, I’ve resolved to dig out all the FB stories and give ’em a spin, I’ve already made a start, re-reading those I’m familiar with, because they’re all on-line but reading from a screen is–ugh! So I’m gonna try and track down a decent paperback for the rest of ’em.

~ by deadspidereye on March 22, 2015.

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