Pigeons in flight


Just amended this, finally managed the get rid of the hokey antipen by the simple expedient of writing what I wanted say, obvious really, why didn’t I do it before? I make no apologies for the myriad, I quite like it there so it’s staying ok?

Pigeons in flight

Peroxide flaxen plumes iridescent in morning light
Nature formed her curves to ease saw sight
Iron forged with lust, tempered with a tender tongue
Cries, gasps, voiced so fierce they rasp the lung
In a tepid pool this urging they will not dowse
It’s scolding waters passions need to rouse
In unity of purpose reptilian minds are bound
As they run the race to crest the sacred mound
A myriad of toil and vigour spent
No labour too arduous to vent…

Her Fetters coiled amid the humid suffusion
A prison, bars forged from disillusion
My prayer whispered so that I might
Stem your tears, assuage your flight

~ by deadspidereye on November 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Pigeons in flight”

  1. I love pigeons!

    Especially like line three: “Iron forged with lust”

    I like the art, too.

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