I hate gays

About this: Written in about six minutes flat, it was supposed to be a joke, me ribbing some people but it actually turned out ok.

I hate gays

It’s true I really do hate gays
It’s been this way for all the days
Since I saw a film about the Krays

To make this ire plainly contextual
For all things camp, effete, homo — sexual
Let penalty be — cruel and unusual

Their obsession with all things bottomy
Their mere existence a dire offence to me
They should all be forced into lobotomy

Friends do say this blind obsession
Does indicate some deep repression
“It’s strange to fixate in this fashion-!!!”

Don’t start reading too much into Jung
That’s how I stop a wagging tongue
No one’s going near my bung

I’m told my view might seem contemptible
I don’t care — she keeps me comfortable
It’s just a shame my girl’s inflatable


Oh no Gavin is just my good friend
It’s just for fun that time we spend
In his flat upon the odd weekend

~ by deadspidereye on November 8, 2013.

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